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Image by Hector Falcon
Image: The Joy of Baking (Lavonda McGowen)

Image: The Joy of Baking
(Lavonda McGowen)


How It All Started

I was in my kitchen with my best friend, and I decided to bake some Oatmeal Raisin cookies. I offered her one, and she took a bite, then another, and after the third bite, she exclaimed, "Sis, these cookies are really good! Like, really, really good!" I asked her, "Are they good enough to sell, or just good?" She replied, "Sis, yes! These cookies are better than Great American Cookies!" I asked her, "Who?" She said, "The cookies in the mall, girl!" We laughed, and she suggested, "You should try selling them at church!" Eventually, I did, and that was the beginning of Kinder Katering. On the first day, I completely sold out of all the cookies, and I cried tears of joy, glorifying the Lord.

Image: Pecan Tea Cake Cookie

Image: Pecan Tea Cake Cookie

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