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Kinder Soul Annual Winners

To be the very 1st annual winner of Kinder Katering monthly cookie giveaway was an absolutely Ah-maz-ing experience! I have to be honest, I didn’t quite know what to expect outside of “getting cookies” each month. Well, the amount of professionalism, love, laughter, and friendly arguments that came into my household because of the delicacies she brought- pure enjoyment! 

 I found a new favorite cookie, The Tuxedo, and I also got a chance to have the BEST Chocolate Chip cookie I’ve ever tasted! I enjoyed seeing Lavonda delivering my cookies each and every month, and so did my household. Thank you Kinder Katering for sharing your gift with my family. 

Screensho (1).jpg

LaShundra Smith

CEO of The Natural Girls Liquid Gold


How To Become A Kinder Soul Annual Winner

1. Buy Cookies

3. Post Your Cookies & Tag Kinder Katering

2. Take Pictures Of Cookies

4. Repeat The Process

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