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(Sugar Free) Lemon Tea Cake Cookies

(Sugar Free) Lemon Tea Cake Cookies

Suitable for Diabetics and Sugar Free Lifestyles

These Southern Tea Cakes are perfectly buttery, rich, soft, and flavorful, with the perfect texture. A traditional recipe for these cookies results in a simple flavor that is more cake-like. The ingredient list has been simplified, making them easy to make. The name "tea cake" comes from the fact that these cookies are often served with a cup of hot tea, making them a delightful and cozy treat..They also make for great gifts, perfect for occasions such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, any holiday, or simply as a Sunday indulgence.

  • What's Inside of This Amazing Soul Treat?

    Sugar Free Tea Cakes All Purpose Flour, Sodium Bicarbonate, Baking Powder, Salt, Splenda(sugar substitution), Milk Cultures, Lemon Extract, Vanilla Extract, Butter, Shortening, Spice Mix (Cinnamon and Nutmeg), Eggs, ** (Citrus Juice)

    **May or may not contain it

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